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Fun Adventures! with Capt. Alan Sligh

Fishing Trips

Capt. Alan knows which fish are biting, and where. A minimum 4-hour trip, with license, bait and tackle provided is $425 for up to four people ($100 per hour), $525 for 5 or 6 people.

Shell & Dolphin Cruises

Enjoy a boat ride up the coast west to Crooked Island, seeing dolphins along the way. Then fill a five-gallon bucket with sea shells at a secluded area that can only be reached by boat. 3 hours minimum trip. $300 up to 6 people ($100/hour).

Snorkeling for Scallops

Capt. Alan will take up to six passengers down Mexico Beach and through the crystal clear waters of St. Joseph State Park, to the best spots in the bay, all gear provided. The convertible top can be raised to provide full shade. Each trip is a minimum of 4 hours, at $100/hour. All trips depart Mexico beach boat ramp, and it is a 15 mile boat trip one way for scallop trips. The season is limited to these dates for 2015: June 27th - September 4th, 2015.

Intracoastal Sightseeing

Take a relaxing boat trip through historic Depot Creek and Lake Wimico to Apalachicola, viewing old-growth cypress trees with wildlife around every bend. Lunch and dinner trips are available. $300 up to six guests

Kayak Trips

We will load our kayaks on our boat and take you to some of the most beautiful locations in this area. Our boat will stay with you until you are finished, and offers a convertible top for convenient breaks in the shade. Trips available for 4-6 people: $100/hour. We also rent kayaks for $75/day or $200/week.

Other Information You Need to Know

  • My boat has something called a "jack plate" that allows me to travel in the shallow spots of St. Joseph Bay where others can't. This is especially important on trips in and near the State Park on Cape San Blas, and around Black's Island in the head of the bay where we often venture during scalloping trips. It is also equipped with a full roll-out convertible top, so there is lots of shade-shade-shade!
  • All licenses and necessary gear is provided on all trips.
  • All your family will need to bring for any of our trips is a cooler with drinks (beer is okay) and any food you may want to bring.

Captain Alan Sligh, Mexico Beach, Florida

(850) 340-0643